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Positive balance in DYNAMICS debut in FENARROZ 2016

Held in Cachoeira do Sul (RS - Brazil), the FENARROZ is one of the largest rice-growing events in the world, taking place every two years in the park that bears its name. The agricultural fair had its first edition in 1941 and was created to celebrate the great rice harvest on that year and the pioneering in rice irrigation culture by the city habitants.

DYNAMICS took part on this year edition and presented the products of the hydraulic line, focusing on the Flat Face coupler mounted on the control valve.

This product is the first flat face model developed in Brazil that allows coupling of the male pin with residual pressure, providing its user protection against hydraulic circuit contaminants, saving fuel and helping environmental conservation.

To demonstrate the product performance, DYNAMICS set up a bank of engagement so that visitors could see the Flat Face efficiency live. The outcome of the five-day fair, the Flat Face Mounted mounted on the control valve was widely adopted by the public of Fenarroz.


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