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Dynamics Collaborators on Futsal Courts

It seems hard to believe, these days, that futsal and football were once prohibited activities for women. This veto, however, existed and was created in the government of President Getúlio Vargas, which prohibited women from practicing sports such as futsal, football, weightlifting, baseball and wrestling of any kind. To get an idea of the difficulty that women had to play soccer and futsal, the practice of these sports by Brazilian women was only made official in 1983, by the National Sports Council (CND).
Faced with so much growth and popularization of the sport, girls of different ages and social conditions have gained space to show their skills on the court and in the field. And the best part: usually, it all starts with an incentive at school, or in this case, at the company.

The Dynamics Futsal team was formed years ago, although it has been inactive for the last two years. At the end of 2018, however, supported by HR and the Board, the Dynamics Futsal team entered the court again. In the last month, around 14 female employees from various sectors of the company have been playing and training together.

The initiative was proposed aiming, in addition to the salutary issue, a greater integration between employees from different sectors, ages and time in the company.

Now it's cheering for the Dynamics girls on the court in 2019.


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