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SESI Total Health Campaign

In April this year, the Social Health Service (SESI-RS) launched the Total Health campaign, a program that proposes health solutions through data intelligence connected with disease prevention actions and the promotion of well-being, technology and innovation totally free of charge.

On September 16, a SESI team carried out a mapping of the company's health and safety needs at Dynamics premises. Three health professionals, being a nutritionist, a nursing technician and a physical activity advisor, applied a questionnaire through the ASSTI methodology (Evaluation of Health and Safety in Industrial Workers) on tablets, in addition to calculating the body mass index and employees' blood pressure. Subsequently, an action plan will be developed based on the data obtained, adapted to the reality presented in the company.

Investing in physical and mental health and in the worker's quality of life is also a way to increase productivity, preventing accidents and occupational diseases and improving the work environment.


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