Differences in Quick Couplers Hydraulic Valves

The valve is part of the hydraulic quick disconnect that allows to avoid the loss of fluid when the male and female parts of the coupling is uncoupled. When the couplings are coupled together through the valves is that the fluid passes. The Dynamics manufactures three different models of valves: Ball Valve, Needle Valve (poppet) valve and Flat Face.

Ball valve

Is shaped like a ball, pressed by a spring against the body of the coupling (metal seal - metal), allows blocking the passage of fluid. Why not require elastomer, minimizing compatibility problems with certain fluids.

Needle valve or poppet

Use is made of an elastomer resting on an internal valve which is pressed by a spring against the inner cone of the coupling, allowing the blocking of the passage of fluid. It is the main type of valve, widely marketed in most countries.

Flat Face valve

This valve has a spring-loaded sleeve, to seal an elastomer and a poppet valve head fixed. The male part also has seals, triggered by another valve. This complex set of components without leakage makes the product during the decoupling between male and female parts.

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